Monday, April 23, 2012

U is for Utopia (for Writers)

I was at a writers conferencre this past Saturday.  Several of us were talking about how we began our day of writing.  It started me thinking about what's the very best way for me to begin a productive day, and why it is so beneficial.  So what makes a Utopian writing day for me?

The first thing is an early morning.  I need to be at my computer, coffee in hand no later than 6:15.  I love it.  Still dark. The city lights of Tampa continue to wink at me as they did the night before. Everything quiet except my coffee maker finishing its sputtering from producing the delectable brew.

Ah, the computer awaits.  Again, quiet in my sun room.  Jeeves, my cat, has been fed and sits on my computer ready to be part of Utopia.  I move him to my side in the hopes he'll stay awhile before insisting my lap is more comfortable.

On to email, facebook and blog stats for just a little while.  Need to get to serious work.  Sometimes, if Utopia is in full swing, I don't notice it's become light outside, and inside lamps need darkening.

As the day progresses, my manuscript takes such good form.  Everything simply falls into place.  No words that won't come.  No block.  No realizing I must go back and rewrite this or that.  Yep. Utopia in action.

By the time late afternoon sneaks up, I've happily finished a large section of my latest manuscript, I've marketed my latest book with great success, and I've been asked to conduct an intensive for a large conference.  (Remember, it's my Utopia.)

What's yours? 


  1. My utopia starts out at my dining room table that is drenched in sunlight after the girls go off to school at 7 am with a warm cup of tea to either work on a first draft or edits in long hand. I like staying away from the computer during the writing process as much as possible so that I'm not distracted by the Internet, email, social media marketing, etc.

    Lovely descriptive post, may I join you and Jeeves?

    All the best,

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments, Donna. I wish I could work in longhand. I know several writers who do and find it very effective.

      Yes, Jeeves and I are quite a team, although it's hard to type around a fuzzy, lapsitting muse!

  2. I really wish I was a morning person. Alas, I am not. I find I have to just carve time out and make it work. Those utopian days are when I can sit for hours until 2 or 3 in the morning (on a weekend) writing. I love those days.

    Stopping by for A to Z!

    1. I do think it all depends on what's going on in one's life at the time. With my sons out of the house (sigh), I do have discretionary time now.

      Thanks for writing back. I appreciate your comments.

  3. yes, yes, yes! I LOVE getting up early before my boys...but my utopia doesn't last forever. They wake up, and it seems like all hell breaks loose. :) I try to find utopia after bedtime, but then I stay up too late and I have trouble doing a good job with my "day job" of Mommy then.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Katie. There really is something magical about being the only one awake (except the cat) in the early hours. It gets me ready for the day, and I love it. As the mom of three boys, I understand what you're saying!