Monday, April 2, 2012

C is for Nile Crocodiles in Lake Turkana, Kenya

My family and I were in Kenya on safari for several weeks.  One of the most remarkable things we did was to fly in a friend's bush plane from Nairobi up the Rift Valley to the banks of Lake Turkana (previously known as Lake Rudolph.)

The Great Rift Valley
Our friend is an archaeologist and runs a site called Koobi Fora.  He and his team study some of the earliest hominids ever discovered.

This area of the Rift Valley is some of the most inhospitable terrains on earth. It is, however, home to one of the largest populations of Nile crocodiles in the world.  They are supported by the Nile perch (tilapia to you and me) that are abundant in Turkana's water. 
I've always been a runner.  So I asked our host if it would be safe to run along the sandy shore of the lake.

"Certainly," he said.  "Just mind the crodcodiles.  Let them slip into the water first.  No worries."
Crocs along the shore of Lake Turkana
I liked the sound of that, so I had my early morning run.  And he was right!  As I ran along,  crocodile after crocodile slipped into the warm water of Lake Turkana.  I completed my run and felt wonderful.

Would I do it again?  Never.  Why then?  The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and in the moment, the world was serene.  It was Africa, after all... 


  1. Hi Nancy,

    Truly awe inspiring! You certainly have guts!

    Warm regards,

  2. Thanks, Donna. It may not have been guts but madness...! At least I lived to tell the tale.

  3. Great crocodile tale! Africa is one of those places I REALLY want to visit.

    Nice to meet you, and welcome to the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

  4. Congrats! You're brave.

    I would never voluntarily run or walk by crocodiles. I grew up in the South, I know alligators. Crocs and gators both have huge mouths and many teeth. I've visited the Everglades. But, I haven't seen Africa.

    Sounds like an interesting trip. Now following!