Sunday, April 8, 2012

H is for Hope (Thriving at Clearwater Marine Aquarium)

Hope.  The word speaks for itself.  In this case, though, Hope is a baby dolphin. 

hopeShe was rescued by caring people in the Indian River Lagoon near Titusville, Florida last year and was brought to the Clearwater Marine
Aquarium, the very place where her "big sister," Winter, the dolphin, now lives and thrives.

Her story is similar to Winter's, yet different.  She had not been injured but her mother had died, and she was attempting to nurse in vain.  She, as with Winter, was just a few months old, and she weighed only fifty eight pounds. Today, she is given a formula that consists of fish, powdered milk substitute and water blended together to create a tasty fish milkshake. 
Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Hope could not have survived in the wild even with rehabilitation, as she had not learned survival skills from her mother, skills such as hunting for food and fleeing from predators.  Because of this, the National Marine Fisheries Service made the determination that she would maintain permanent resident status at CMA.

Hope, as with Winter, is living proof that these intelligent and sensitive mammals can live productive lives with humans. 

Visit Hope and Winter at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  You won't regret you did!

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