Tuesday, April 17, 2012

P is for Publishing (In a Huxleyesque New World)

The publishing world is in flux today.  So many choices.  So many unanswered questions.  What does it all mean?

Stock Photography - printing house. 
fotosearch - search 
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and photo clipartTraditional publishing with a publishing house?  Self publishing, usually within one's own house?  Pay on Demand publishing houses?  Publishing through a company such as Amazon?  And the list grows longer seemingly with each passing month.

Gutenberg's Printing Press
Gutenberg Printing Press
It is a conundrum for writers today.  I'll let you in on a secret.  It's a conundrum for publishing houses, too!  Sands are shifting everywhere in the world of the written word, and no one knows what will ultimately happen.

Then there is the parallel world of apps.  What's the future for them, and will they really and effectively incorporate into books?  Particularly kid's books. 

 Oh, we know what they do now.  But will what they do actually sell books, eBooks, tablets for books, iPhones for books...?  Will they have the staying power to be seen again and again?  Publishers live in hope.  So do authors.

So it truly is a Huxley world out there in dealing with a time honored and ancient profession.  A profession for which the very fabric, if not unraveling, is morphing into a different frock, and only time, technology and consumers will determine the outcome.


  1. I think I perfer the feel of a book over a tablet in my hand. Things are changing so quickly. But there are somethings I think that shouldnt a hard book is one. Something I love to handle smell and feel.

    1. There's so much to be said for a book in hand. Alas, I think that's changing and will not be the future...

  2. It certainly is an exciting time. I recently went to a talk about the new apps for children's books. They go beyond what a book could ever do and yet they're still books. I do admire people who are responsible for cutting edge technological innovation.
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  3. We live in exciting times...and who knows maybe the tablets of today would be outdated by the time our children hit our age :)

    Hope you’re enjoying the challenge so far!
    --Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

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  4. I really think there is a place for both in this world. Not every book needs a place on our shelves. There simply isn't room. A significant portion of the "hardcopy" books I buy never make the "keeper cut." So, e-versions of those books would save space and money. However, when a book is a beloved friend, turning pages, waiting in anticipation to see those words on the next page... those things can't be duplicated on an e-reader.


    I will also confess that I do prefer an e-reader for research books. There is something wonderful about doing a search for a word rather than combing through an entire book, time after time, trying to find the one thing you need most.