The majority of (62 percent) of 16-to-24 year-olds in the UK prefer print books to eBooks, according to a new report from Voxburner.The report included responses from 1,420 participants who were surveyed them between September 25th and October 18th 2013.
The main reasons that the respondents prefer print are that print books are a good value, and that readers have an emotional connection to books.

 Fifty-one percent of participants said that they liked to hold the product. Twenty percent said that they are not restricted to a particular device. Ten percent responded that print is easier to share. Six percent said that they can sell a print book when they are done with it.
Interestingly, respondents picked books as the media they most prefer in print. Forty-percent of respondents said that they prefer physical copies of movies,  47 percent prefer print newspapers and magazines to digital, 32 percent prefer CDs to MP3s, and 31 percent of these young people prefer physical video games to digital ones. (The Guardian via Dianna Dilworth.

Though to this author finds the report not too surprising, what does the future hold for the youngest of children today and those not yet born?  That may very well be a different story.  As eBooks become more available and accepted by a majority of people, there may be a shift downward from the UK numbers.  Only time and human experience can answer this question.

In the meantime, let's enjoy this time when print books rule and look forward to the time when ebooks may be the vehicle of choice for words, thoughts, and ideas.  And if so, we can and will live with it.

What do you think.  I would love to hear from you, dear reader, about your thoughts and wishes on this topic.  Please let us know!