Monday, December 16, 2013

Review of Hockey Agony by Donna McDine

Peer Pressure:  A phrase that sends terror to the hearts of most parents. 

Those of us who are parents know all too well the pitfalls and life-changing events that can occur when this phenomenon visits our children.

Hockey Agony (Guardian Angel Publishing), a chapter book for Tweens by Donna McDine is the kind of book that can help guide children of this callow and impressionable age through some of the morass and danger of peer pressure.

Enter Larry, a great hockey player with an attitude--and with a broken leg.  His coach has warned him repeatedly about a bad attitude, but Larry hasn't paid much attention.  That is until he is forced to come to terms with peer pressure in the heat of an important game.

Will he make a hard decision?  The right decision?  Or will he fall back on old ways and disappoint his coach and, most importantly although he doesn't realize it, himself?

Enhanced by the poignant illustrations of Julie Hammond, Hockey Agony is a must-read for any child facing peer pressure.  I heartily recommend this one to you. It would make a great gift to find under the tree!
Donna McDine

Category: Chapbooks for Tweens
Author:Donna McDine
Artist:Julie Hammond
Paperback ISBN: 9781616333607; 161633360X
eBook ISBN: 9781616333614; 1616333618

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