Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tried and True Tips on a Writing Routine

Most of us who are not just fond of, but are compelled to put pen to paper (virtual, or otherwise), find a routine of sorts that works.  Below are a few tip from what I require to get the most out of my creative time
Write at least two hours a day--
It’s a goal that many of us have, and it’s a worthy one: make writing a part of your daily routine. If you can do more than two hours, that’s wonderful, if you can only do less, that’s okay too. The trick is to write for the same amount of time every single day, and try your best to be consistent about it. 

 Write when you’re in the flow--

It is amazing how much this phenomenon happens with an author. Write when you’re ready to pour whole chapters/stories/volumes out onto the page. And since the flow is rather magical, try not to let much of anything interrupt you.  (Those of you with small children are exempt from this.  I've been there!)

Keep a notebook or put notes on your phone or iPad--
This is a good option for those on the move and for those who write best in short, quick bursts. I constantly text myself ideas and other thoughts about the book I am currently writing.  It is a great help, and I wonder now how I did without such a tool before.

Live the life of the mind as an author--
I find myself dwelling in my head about the latest book I'm writing.  It is so helpful to keep it tucked somewhere close by and dredge it up frequently.  It's amazing how many scenes I've written in my head while driving or taking a walk.  Try it!

Wake up early / Stay up late--
In other words, carve out a quiet time for yourself.  It does wonders for your concentration, and the quiet helps to get sentences, scenes, and chapters to make sense in an orderly fashion.  Early morning  (I'm at my computer at six) is the best time for me.  A cup of coffee steaming next to me on the table, my laptop working away, and I'm in Heaven.

Read, read, read...for ideas, inspiration, and voice---
It is important for me to read other authors' works.  Sometimes, when I cannot find my voice, a quick perusal of a favorite book will do the trick.  Suddenly all is clear, the voice turns to perfection, and you're off and running.

I hope this helped those of you struggling to find the time to practice your craft.  Although it can be difficult, certainly it is not impossible.  Try some of these tips.  Happy writing!

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