Friday, September 9, 2016

From the Grave: Spooktacular New Middle Grade Novel by Cynthia Reeg

Frankenstein Frightface Gordon is not your typical sixth-grade monster.  In fact, in Uggerland, where goblins and myriad other scary beings thrive, Frank is a monster of a different color.  Blue, actually, not the sickly green shade coveted by his kind. 
Frankly, Frank is a monster who likes order, not chaos, clean and tidy clothes, not fashion conjured up to frighten folks to death, and worst of all, being kind, not bullying other monsters.  Oh, my.  This will never do!
The problem is, of course, Frank does not fit into the Uggerland mold; he just isn't "one of us."  When a law is passed to get rid of misfits such as Frank, he must do something about it.  But what?  Seems as if he has to prove his monster mettle, and he does.
Cynthia Reeg
The language and puns peppered throughout the book will tickle any middle grader's heart.  Gems such as:  Monster Up, Snotfargle, Picklepuss, to name just a few, set the tone of a book sure to please kids of this age.
From the Grave is a funny and fresh approach to a monster story.  Cynthia Reeg has created a lovable young monster who is kind, considerate, and really does not like bullies.  Great growing up lessons for kids with no preaching can be found within the pages of this well-written and timely.

Ms. Reeg lives in St. Louis, MO and is a former librarian.  She doesn't remember a time when writing was not important to her, and it shows!

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