Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ready or Not: Here It Comes--New Year 2014!

Here we are at that crossroads of our lives once more.  An event called New Year's. The time for reflection, for taking care of regrets, for looking forward in a positive way. All this can be hard to achieve, as alas, the passing of time trumps our wishes of holding onto cherished memories and people, too.

A beginning of sorts, the holiday may as well have fledgling birds and apple blossoms, so full of renewal it can and should be. We wish for an array of changes, don't we?  Loss of weight. Readjustment of attitudes.  New goals.   Happier of times.  And on and on it goes.

But what really matters in this exercise?  For me, it speaks to growth. Very much like a chrysalis, we long to shed our skin and begin anew. And we have the opportunity to do so, spurred on by the Season and our own expectations.

My own wishes for the coming year are, of course, for continued good health, and the same happy relationship with my family and friends.  But I'm also looking forward to successful and rewarding writing, to fulfilling work with my two writing critique groups, for a richness in my blogging life.

What about you?  The hour for introspection is here. Do you have many wishes?  Or one that you're hoping against hope will be fulfilled?   This ritual is part of what makes us human. I look forward to performing it each year, and this one is no exception. You?

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