Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beyond the Books Blog Today

"Beyond the books, the contracts, as well as the rejections, there is an author out there just like you and me – struggling for notoriety and their little piece of the publishing world. Who is that author beyond their book and what makes them tick? Beyond the Books explores what it is that writers go through for publication and how they keep their heads above the waters of rejection."

                                                Beyond the Books Blog

Find out what I wend through in order to become a published author.  Believe me, it's not just signing books, looking at (hopefully successful) stats and having people ask for an autograph.

Oh, all of that happens, but the journey is long, and one must pay his or her dues.  There is platform building, conferences to attend, long days and nights building a blog following and oh, so much more.

But you know what?  I love it and would never go back to life before writing. 

Read about the journey today!
What were the girls thinking when the pelican plunged into the oily sea?

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