Saturday, May 21, 2011

Guest Post on Literal Exposure--Blogging About Blogging!

We, today, visit the Literal Exposure Blog.  Our topic, Blogging about Blogging, discusses how we choose topics about which to blog and the interest levels of our followers.

It's a conundrum.  What is interesting to the readers?  And how do we know when enough is enough? 

Well, in the words of a popular children's book:  You cannot say too much about a topic.  You cannot say too little.  It has to be just the right amount!

Visit the blog today, and find out how we address the perennial blog dilemma.

And thank you all once more for keeping One Pelican at a Time:  A Story of the Gulf Oil Spill, on the Amazon Bestseller List in Children's Books.  It is going into its 11th week!

Not so Fast, Mr. Pelican

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