Monday, May 9, 2011

One Day at a Time Review of Pelican

The whole Pelican gang is interviewed today at the terrific One Day at a Time Blog.  We are happy to be featured there!

Britt, Bella, Mr. Pelican and I hope One Pelican at a Time will be a childhood memory for many children.  We all want, parents, teachers, librarians and children's authors, to impress on our young people the necessity of taking care of the only earth we have.

We know that working with our kids one day at a time, we will be able to accomplish such a worthy task.  A task that kids will be proud to have achieved.  A task that they will pass on to their children.  A task that is not only politically correct but is imperative for our very existance. 

Let's all continue helping our kids make positive childhood memories, one day at a time!

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