Monday, February 18, 2013

New Children's Book on the Old City of David

A new historical fiction book for kids hopes to bring the story of Old Jerusalem to kids who are just starting to read.

Danny Publishers
 Several books about the Old City and the Jewish roots of Jerusalem are in the works, with one book, called An Adventure in the City of David, already on bookshelves.

The book, in easy Hebrew, is geared for the kindergarten crowd, but adults have been seen reading it as well, say its publishers, Danny Publishing. The book, by Aharon Horowitz, tells the story of the City of David, the area outside the Old City that was first built by King David. The area is rich in archaeological detail, and the book is an attempt to bring this history to young children.

The book revolves around Ori, who, together with his archaeologist uncle, goes on a time-capsule adventure in the neighborhood, uncovering discoveries about the wars, communities, kings, and daily life of the City of David throughout the ages.

The  book is illustrated with rich, deep colors, and includes time lines, easy to understand explanations of difficult concepts, and inviting graphics.

It also includes information about the Old City walls, ancient Hebrew script, and archaeological sites. The drawings are based on historic photos and documents of the area.
The book is currently available only in Hebrew, but the publishers say they are considering an English-language edition as well, if demand justifies it.

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