Friday, May 11, 2012

The Relevance of Sea Turtle Summer (Children's Book Week)

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Why a book called Sea Turtle Summer?  So much is written about sea turtles.  Another one?

The answer, of course, is a resounding yes!  Sea turtles have been on this earth for over fifty million years.  They breathed the same air as dinosaurs, and now they, too, are threatened.  Not by a giant meteor but by humans.  But we humans can do something about the fate of these wondrous sea creatures.

Enter Bella and Britt.  In the series, I try to address marine animals that are in peril, generally because of human interference. 

 The girls find a female Loggerhead sea turtle (the largest of them all) on their beach in the middle of the day. Realizing she needs to return safely to the sea, the girls wait until she's back in the water then turn their attention to her nest.

Dusk is coming, and a light rain begins to fall. They have to return home. Marking the nest as best as they can, they fretfully leave it, vowing to return early the next morning.  What happens next is an adventure and a growth process for them.

Through the book, Britt and Bella learn to become empowered, realizing they must make decisions some adults will not like.  What they do to try and save the nest takes courage and perseverance.  Can they do it?

Sea turtles are certainly worthy of the attention given to them today.  Some species are even making a small comeback with the help of volunteers who stand guard and guide hatchlings into the silvery sea by moonlight.  Much more needs to be done to help preserve these ancient creatures. 

In the words of the girls...

Be careful, Little Ones, whispered Britt. She gently helped two hatchlings slide over a small silvery wave.

Yeah, Bella said softly. Saving you is the best part of living by the beach.

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  1. Love the book trailer! Sounds like a fun book with good facts too.

    1. Thanks, Sharon. Glad you liked trailer. BlazingTrailerd does such a good job!

  2. I loved Sea Turtle Summer. A cool story that is also educational - how could it miss?

    A super series Nancy. Congrats, mate.

    BOOKS for KIDS - Manuscript Critiques

    1. Thanks so much, Margot. It was one of those books that seems to write itself. I do appreciate your comments!

  3. I know I would love this one. I have written a story, as yet unpublished, of a tortoise species local to me in SE France, Corsica and Liguria. As part of my research I visited a great tortoise and turtle refuge centre locally.

  4. Nancy, the trailer adds another layer of interest to you book. Beautiful.