Thursday, May 31, 2012

Katrina Simpkins--All Grown Up--and Interacting with Hope at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Katrina Simpkins,  the very real heroine of the biography, Katrina and Winter: Partners in Courage, had quite a busy day yesterday. 

Her first stop was at Hanger Prosthetics in Sarasota, Florida.  She had a new prosthesis fitted and then was interviewed by the fabulous and oh, so kind, Ginger Gadsden of the CBS affiliate, Channel 10, Tampa. 

Katrina and Ginger Gadsden
Katrina then made an appearance at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  She, of course, said hello to her friend, Winter, the dolphin.  And then she helped the trainers work with another special dolphin during the demonstration for a large audience.

Hope is an 18 month old bottle nose dolphin (as is Winter) who was rescued near Cape Canaveral, on Florida's east coast, as was Winter.  She took to Katrina immediately, and she followed her hand signals well. 

Photo: And another of Katrina working with Hope who will be placed with her "big sister, Winter, within the next two weeks.
Katrina and Hope, the dolphin

The feature will be aired from 5 to 7 AM on Friday, June 8. The film will include Katrina speaking on how and why she has emerged from a special needs child to a fully functioning young adult. A young adult who today does gymnastics, models, speaks to groups of people about her life and rides her horse, Jade, on a regular basis. Katrina is truly a young lady for all seasons.

I just want to be a normal somebody,” Katrina once said.  She was that and so much more. She was courageous in ways most people
never have to be. Every hour. Every day.  A hero's courage.  A hero's heart.  A normal girl called Katrina.


  1. Thanks, Nancy, for this information. If the film about Katrina is to be aired on her local station, will it be archived online?

    1. Yes, Barbara, that will happen. I'll let you know as soon as I'm aware of it.

      Many thanks, as always, for your kind support!

  2. Katrina sounds like an amazing young woman. Congrats to both of you on the new book!

    1. Thanks, Shannon, for your kind woreds. Katrina is one of the most amazing people I've had the privilege to meet. And I'll pass along the congratulations!

  3. I seen Katrina just today. She has grown into a Strikingly Beautiful young woman. And is making A verry lucky man Extremely happy. She as an amazing and beautiful person inside and out! comment by Jordon Bishop