Sunday, March 3, 2013

Children's Author Patricia MacLachlan Honors Newtown Residents with New Book

Authors are helping Sandy Hook, Connecticut residents according to Publishers Weekly.  Children’s author Patricia MacLachlan is writing a picture book she says she was inspired to create after speaking with an illustrator friend, Steven Kellogg, who has lived for decades with his family in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown.
Patricia MacLachlan

MacLachlan, who is the author of the book Sarah, Plain and Tall, among others, is friends with illustrator Steven Kellogg a resident of Sandy Hook for many years.

The book, called Snowflakes Fall, uses the title object to discuss themes like the differences among individuals and how time can heal. In Ms. MacLachlan's words:

I wrote this book after my dear friend Steven Kellogg told me of his sadness and concern for his community, and children everywhere,” the author told Publishers Weekly. “This is a sadness that the world felt, and that I felt too. What brought us comfort was the idea of renewal and memory and, while writing every word, I thought about all children touched by loss.

Patricia MacLachlin and Nancy Stewart
Illinois Reading Council Conference
March, 2012

Mr. Kellogg said:

It is my hope that this book will celebrate the laughter, the playful high spirits, and the uniqueness of the children of Sandy Hook, and of children everywhere. 

The book will be released by Random House Children’s Books this coming fall. The imprint of Random House will, together with Random House, make donations to an organization of MacLachlan and Kellogg’s selection that benefits Sandy Hook victims as well as to a yet-to-be-decided national organization that centers on children.


  1. Thank you, Nancy, for bringing attention to Patricia's efforts for the children of Sandy Hook. Her beautiful and sensitive story of snowflakes is a wonderful idea, as each child copes differently with the terrible events still so fresh in everyone's hearts. It's only the right thing to do that Random House contributes whatever it can to this community of teachers, parents, and students. My hope is for Patricia's book to be released swiftly. I'm sure it's needed. Thanks, Patricia and Nancy.

  2. Thanks, Jo, for stopping by the blog and leaving your kind comment. I, too, hope it's released quickly and gets into the hands of those who need it to remember how much the entire country cares. So well done, Patricia and Steven!

  3. Nancy, I think it's great that someone so talented has taken on this project. It's sure to reach the hearts of everyone who reads it.

  4. I love both Steven and Particia's work. I am sure this will be both beautiful and memorable. Remember Smoky Night? Eve Bunting's picturebook about the LA Riots. It won a Caldecott. Beauty can come out of terrivble and sad subjects.