Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ah, Easter, Passover, Spring...

A time for blossoms, birds' nests, warm breezes and hope.  The Season is a wonderful one, which we in the northern hemisphere, long for and cherish when it arrives.  

prgrsvimg makes springtime so amazing?  Is it the time of rebirth?  The time when Persephone arrives once more from Haides and the underworld to play in flowery meadows with her Nymph friends? 
Those of us who have a passion for gardening welcome Persephone back!  Tiny snowdrops and crocus promise a full flung revival of verdant hues and sweet aromas on gentle fresh breezes.  The luxury of it all. 

For many this is a time of deep religious meaning and celebration.  Renewal.  Hope.  Devotion.  A time to take stock of one's life.

prgrsvimg the reasons we celebrate this time of year, it is my wish that each one of you find joy and contentment during this Season of hope, happiness and joie de vivre.

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