Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Life Lesson Relearned

This past Friday evening my husband and I attended The Follies, a musical, produced every two years.  It was performed by owners of the Sea Towers Condos in Madeira Beach, Florida.  We had been invited by our dear friends of more that twenty years, Ed and Michele Elliott.

Be sure to hear the song sung at the LA production of la Cage at the bottom of this post...

I would be less than honest that we went with mixed feelings.  The condo complex, a huge one with literally thousands of residents, is a fifty-five years or older one with many people in their eighties and even older.  Even though Michele, who is a terrific pianist, was playing and Ed was the narrator--a job tailor made for him--we did not expect much in the way of entertainment.

As the production began, it was evident that the musical offerings were uneven.  Some were quite good.  Some not so much.  But something happened as we sat there listening.  There was a spirit alive in the room that became more evident as the evening went on.  These people were singing their hearts out and having a wonderful time.  It was infectious, and soon we were having fun!
Ed Elliott in Kilt

The finale, though, was the pièce de résistance.  The company chose the song The Best of Times written by Jerry Herman from La Cage aux Folles, and it was perfect!  I was touched in a way I wouldn't have thought possible.  Here were these performers, many in the most golden of their golden years, belting out a song of endless possibilities.  Of joy and hopefulness.  Of looking ever forward and embracing the future.  What are the lyrics one may ask?  I've included a You Tube video of an LA performance here and hope you will appreciate their message as well.

As we listen, let's salute the Sea Tower citizens and all others who approach and live these golden days with verve, vigor and vitality!

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