Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Tour Continues at Everyday is an Adventure Blog

Here we are at another blog today!  This one is Everyday is an Adventure, and it is perfectly named for Britt, Bell, the ranger and me.  The girls are always on a new beach adventure, and this new one is no exception.

Our tour and people's interest in the Bella and Britt Series has kept me very busy.  Now that Sea Turtle Summer has reached Amazon's Hot New Releases and Amazon's Bestseller List (both the hard cover and soft cover on both lists), things are frenetic!  A good frenetic, by the way.

This book is the second in the series.  The third is Bella Saves the Beach.  The girls realize cleaning a littered beach is too much for them.  What can they do? 

The fourth book is Mystery at Manatee Key.  In this book, Britt has to try to save Bella and the ranger from manatee poachers.  (Yes, they do unfortunately exist.)  She is only one girl.  Can she succeed in saving her friends?

But these books are still to come.  Sea Turtle Summer is here and is available at


  1. Hi Nancy,
    Glad to see that Bella and Britt are staying vigilant; let's hope they are inspiring kids to be the kind of environmentalists they are.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment, Barbara. I hope the message comes across, too! Have a lovely holiday.