Thursday, December 1, 2011

Children’s Book About Desert Elephants in Mali

The Tuareg Nomads of Mali have a saying: “We live with the elephants, and the elephants live with us.” The Dogon, Fulani, and Tuareg peoples share land with the last remaining herds of desert elephants.

WILD has worked to protect the unique Desert Elephants of Mali since 2002. We collaborated closely with author Helen Cowcher to present this lovely children’s book that conveys the essential message of the elephants, the people, and our work in Mali.

For hundreds of years, the elephants have followed a 300-mile circular path in Mali, West Africa, the longest migration route of any elephant in the world. Once a year, they must pass through the Elephants’ Doorway in the cliffs on their way to find water.

But what happens when that doorway is blocked? The local people are determined to continue their peaceful coexistence with the elephants, and they communicate with each other—over the radio and under the palaver tree—to solve these kinds of problems. Small changes can make a big difference!

Helen Cowcher shows that, when everyone works together, it’s possible to preserve the delicate balance of life in the desert and protect these magnificent desert elephants.

Location Gourma in Mali-Africa“Desert Elephants is a valuable and urgent book. It is a seminal contribution that will help save this unique elephant population”

Dr. Mike Chase, founder & director of Elephants Without Borders


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