Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Internet Bookfair Blogfest Featuring the Bella and Britt Series

One Pelican at a Time:  A Story of the Gulf Oil Spill, the first US children's picture book about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010, was on Amazon's Bestselling Book List for Children for 18 weeks.  It is published by Guardian Angel Publishing, and the illustrator is Samantha Bell.

(Please see the PBS Tampa (WEDU) feature of my writing One Pelican at a Time at bottom of post and the Pelican trailer.)

Pelican is the first of the Bella and Britt Series.  Bella and Britt love living by the beach.  When they find oil washing to shore from a gulf spill, they want to help but are told there is nothing for kids to do.  But when their friend, the old crooked beak pelican becomes covered with oil, they help save his life by their quick thinking and action.  This is a kid empowering book that has the message, "little hands can help, too."

Sea Turtle Summer, the second book in the series, finds the girls discovering a sea turtle's nest in immediate danger from beach goers, volleyball nets and dune buggy traffic.  They go into action, but can their bravery and quick thinking save the baby sea turtles?  The book also contains some great sea turtle facts kids should love.  Sea Turtle Summer will be published in time for Christmas, 2011!

The third book in the series is Bella Saves the Beach and will be released in early 2012.  In this book, the girls tackle trash left by beach goers. 

They realize they can't do it alone, so how do they get the beach cleaned and how do they educate people about not leaving trash behind?

Mystery at Manatee Key will be released in 2012.  The girls find themselves in real danger when they discover a manatee poaching ring.  Britt finds it's up to her to rescue Bella and the ranger.  But can she do it?  (No cover is available as yet.)

Read what reviewers say about of One Pelican at a Time:

“If you are a concerned parent or teacher in search of a good book that will help children learn about caring for the planet, I highly recommend One Pelican at a Time.”            
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One Pelican at a Time can be bought in hard cover, paperback and Kindle at:
Guardian Angel Publishing
Barnes & Noble.com

Trailer of One Pelican at a Time

PBS video of the writing of One Pelican at a Time


  1. I'm so excited about your new books coming out, Nancy.

    Wishing you the best,



  2. Many thanks, Cheryl, and it's lovely to see Little Shepherd back on Amazon Bestselling List!

  3. Those sound like great books for kids. =)

  4. Thanks so much for your comment! It has been fun doing the series. Bella and Britt have become like my own kids!

  5. These sound like good stories that'll help raise children's consciousness about our environment.

  6. It is so refreshing to read a book that empowers kids to help take care of our earth. Thank you.

    J Q Rose