Monday, October 17, 2011

Dolphin Tale Opens in the UK to Great Reviews

Winter the dolphin danced in delight while her trainer looked on approvingly in the marine aquarium at Clearwater, Florida. Made from plastic and silicone, the artificial tail was specially designed for the little bottlenose dolphin after she lost her own in a crab trap.

(Please see video of Winter at bottom of post.)

Winter with her Prosthetic Tail
The inspiring story of how Winter defied death and turned tragedy into triumph by learning to swim normally again is told in the 3D film Dolphin Tale, released in the UK this past weekend.

The Warner Bros blockbuster was shot over three months at Clearwater with a cast led by Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick Jr and Kris Kristofferson.

Not surprisingly, tourists are flocking to the aquarium to see the dolphin diva with her magical "inbuilt" smile, white flashing teeth and, of course, that 30-inch prosthetic tale.

Winter's courage has inspired Americans everywhere. One war veteran who lost an arm and leg turned his life around after meeting Winter, declaring: "If that damned dolphin can do it, I can do it."

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium can be found on Island Way, Clearwater.  It is undergoing a huge expansion at the moment.  The facility will be able to care for many more sick and/or wounded marine animals than previously.

The facility will also provide stadium seating for demonstrations by the resident dolphins, including Winter and the recently rescued, eight month old orphaned bottlenose dolphin, Hope.

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