Monday, September 12, 2011

"I'm the Boss of Me!" New Children's Book Dealing with Childhood Sexual Abuse

Here is a powerful and fearless new book that deals with the issue of sexual abuse of children.  It was written for adults and children, (particularly kids of four to eight).  The illustrations are beautiful, and the book is done in a tasteful manner.  This is a book about empowering kids as a means of preventing sexual abuse.

Author Laura Fogarty, herself a sexual abuse survivor embarked on this project in order to provide a go-to book for dealing with this difficult issue. The project is supported by such public figures as filmmaker, writer and activist Angela Shelton, licensed therapist Karen Fennell, author Bobbi Conner and Roscoe Orman, known to most as Gordon of Sesame Street.

“Laura Fogarty’s I’m the Boss of Me! … is a wonderfully empowering book which can equip the most vulnerable and precious members of our community with the information and the affirmation they need to protect and defend themselves against one of the most insidious and potentially damaging elements of our society, the predatory adult who targets the very young,” said Mr. Orman.

“The book is written in language that is just right for kids – doing the job of educating without frightening,” added Ms Conner, who also hosts the award-winning Parent’s Journal Podcast.

I’m the Boss of Me! is now available on for $17.99 in hardback.


  1. Nancy,
    I'm sure this is a book that is needed and will be very helpful for both parents and abused children.

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