Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anniversary of Blog--10,000 Views

This blog has reached a milestone.  I began posting in November, 2010 and have now reached over ten thousand views!

Earth Photo Gallery / earth_full_hires copyWhen I began this journey, I must admit to knowing nothing about blogging, except the word.  And even that was new to my semi-techie vocabulary! 

Today, though, is a different matter.  Not only do I love having and working on my blog, the unanticipated bonus is making connections with people from all over this planet.

In honor of this event of sorts, I've decided to include a list of countries from which the majority of my visitors so far have come.  There are not, though, many countries that haven't had at least several guests pop in!  I hope you find it interesting and return again and again.

Most Visits by Country
United States       8080
Russia                     276
Germany                189
Ukraine                  185
United Kingdom   139
Iran                        100
Australia                 83
India                        82
France                     75
                 Romania                  57                 

A very big Thank You to everyone who is a part of this blog.  My promise is that I'll try to make it interesting, relevant and informative!



  1. Congratulations on your blog reaching so many people, Nancy! This attests to the fact that your blog is interesting, relevant and informative. Always a pleasure to visit here!

  2. Thank you so much, Connie, for your lovely comment. I appreciate it so much, and coming from you, doubly!

  3. You do have a wonderful blog, Nancy, and I'm not surprised that you have readers from so many countries. Congratulations.