Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Guardian Angel Publishing Books for Early Autumn

It is always my pleasure to feature new books from Guardian Angel Publishing.  Today is no exception.  Please have a look at the offerings.  You just may want one or more of them!

Andy & Spirit in Search & Rescue Academic Wings hardcover edition
aboutby Mary Jean Kelso, art KC Snider

Great Gobs of Gustation: The Sum of Our Parts  Book 8 Academic Wings
by Bill Kirk, art by Eugene Ruble
A rhyme which describes the sense of taste and how it works to help you tell what you like to eat and what you don’t. Book 8 of the Sum of our Parts anatomical educational series

Just Too Little  Littlest Angel
by Judith J. Miller, art Sonal Panse
At her grandparents farm Pam is too little to help with the chores.

Michael’s Safari Littlest Angel
by JennaKay Francis art by Craig Howarth
Michael takes an imaginary journey.

The New Puppy Animals & Pets
by Raelene Hall art by Kevin Collier, Gisele LaBlanc
After a day of fun

 These books may be purchased from Guardian Angel Publishing and Amazon.

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