Saturday, September 7, 2013

George the Gay Lion: New Children’s Picture Book Deals With Gay Iissues

California’s Proposition 8 is the inspiration behind author Paul Waring’s latest children’s picture book, George the Gay Lion.  The new book is featured in the Gay Literature Examiner by Tarringo Vaughn.

 In a August 28 press release, the book is described as a coming out story that allows readers to follow the main character on his journey towards acceptance and individuals just like himself.
George the lion, the main character of the book, was developed in hopes of dissolving the negative connotations associated with the word “gay”. In fact, Waring uses the word in the book to show empowerment. He refuses to avoid the word as "these types of books depicting gay characters have become the most banned books in America."

George the Gay Lion
Photo courtesy of Author Facebook Page
Waring also wants the book to be used for educational purposes as it relays messages of diversity. He hopes it will create a platform towards future acceptances of difference backgrounds which includes sexual orientation.
In all, “George the Gay Lion” is a book that emphasizes the complexities and stresses of coming out and embracing individuality.
Camilla Ring, illustrator of the book, was inspired and influenced by Waring’s creation of a voice speaking out against LGBT inequality. And the narrator of the book, Jake Shears, shared a similar sentiment:
As soon as I read this book, I knew I wanted to narrate it.

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