Saturday, July 20, 2013

SOUTH Africa is the 2013 Kids' Lit Quiz World Champion

How about this for African power?  The 2013 International  Kids'Lit Quiz was won by 12-year-olds Shreeya Khoosal and Katie Duvenage, and 13-year-olds Jessica Wise and Julia Kinghorn, all of Roedean Junior School, in Johannesburg on July 4.

Shreeya Khoosal loves escaping in the pages of the books she reads
Image by: SUPPLIED
The quiz was held at Durban Girl's College. The quartet of students beat children from New Zealand, Australia, the US, the UK and Canada to take the R6000 prize.

The Kids' Lit Quiz was started in New Zealand in 1991 by Wayne Mills, a lecturer in children's literature at the University of Auckland. It quizzes youngsters on any book in the children's literature genre.

The six teams were asked seven questions in 10 categories, including dystopian novels, folk tales and mythology.

Quiz Master Mills said:

I can see that people here are also blown away by these kids' intellectual prowess. They are well-read and their knowledge extends even to Japanese folk tales, and to literature before their time.

Roedean Junior School librarian Gill Murdoch was surprised that the girls had correctly answered questions they had not covered in their coaching. "That shows how well-read they are. This competition is brilliant because it promotes reading.

"'We hope to win again next year," she said.

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