Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lyrical Children's Book, Kangaroo Clues by Margot Finke

Who sewed the pouch on the Kangaroo
And placed her Joey in there, too?
Was it a Dreamtime spirit-man
Who made up creatures from a plan?

These lovely and lyrical words begin the very special children's book, Kangaroo Clues, by Margot Finke.  The glorious illustrations were done by Mustafa Delio─člu.  The book was published by Guardian Angel Publishing.

The book is told through Australian Aboriginal eyes and tells the story of the Dreamtime, where all things come from and where they go back to when their time on earth is finished.

Aboriginal spirits made all things,
Like kangaroos and birds with wings.
But I’ve a tale that’s just for you.
It tells the secret of Old Man Roo


The book conveys a tale of bravery on the kangaroo's part.  Is it true, or is it fable?  No matter.  The story is what counts. The imagery.  The mysticism.  The beauty.  And the dreamlike quality of of the allegory itself.


Perhaps spirits gave Kangaroo some smarts,
Allowing him to lose dogs in watery parts.
I’m told it’s true, so you have a choice—
To believe or not in the Dreamtime’s voice.

This joyous book contains explanatory notes on each page, so the reader is always informed on the text.

Margot Finke is a master story teller, and this time she has outdone herself in the sumptuous work that would be a gorgeous gift for adults as well as for children. And in Margot's Australian words, Well done, Mate!

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