Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ava'sSecret Tea Party-A Beautiful, Delicious, Enchanting Book!

Sometimes at night when stars shine bright,
Visitors come to call.
Snuggled in bed and sound asleep,
Ava never sees them at all.

This lovely verse begins the magical children's book Ava's Secret Tea Party, written in true rhyme by Donna Shepherd and brimming with sumptuous illustrations by renowned illustrator, Bella Sinclair. 

This book, as many of Donna's other books, was published by Guardian Angel Publishing.

Ava longs to meet the night time visitors who come and go so secretly and who children never see.  She devises a plan by which she may be able to meet her favorites at a tea party she wants to give. 

Ava leaves a note with an invitation included for Sandman, because he visits her every night. Included in her invitation list are Sandman, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa. What kind of invitation is it? And does her plan work? Will she meet them as she wishes to do?

One must read the charming book to find the answers, but I can assure you the news is all good!

Donna's talent shines through in this marvelous book. The story is enchanting and will warm every little girl's heart.  Bella Sinclair's illustrations enhance the story to make a joyous experience for the child and her adult reader as well.

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