Thursday, December 27, 2012

For Mother Africa and Malawi's Women--A New Children's Book

 The book is available from bookshops and the MUMs website, It tells the tale of a family encountering some of the realities of life in today’s Africa, while nurturing the imagination with tales of the animals that inhabit the continent, including King Tortoise to the Lion and the Elephant.  The illustrations of Malika Favre are powerful and work so well.

Pow is an experienced and successful writer. But this book uses more than his skills. It communicates his passion for Malawi and the people who live there.

 He reminds us of the basic humanity we all share.  African children face many uncertainties of life but still love a bedtime story and long to sleep unafraid.

The MUMs charity has grown too.  As short a time ago as 2005, it was a filthy, unhealthy place where dedicated but demoralized staff helped 12,000 women give birth every year in squalid conditions. One baby died every day and one woman almost every week. 

 When the Rains ComeOne in ten Malawian children will die before the age of five, and one in every 200 women can expect to die in childbirth. Around 10 per cent of the population are HIV positive, and the number of pediatricians can be counted on one's fingers. In a population of 13 million, it remains a humanitarian disaster.

Please buy this worthwhile and beautiful book for your children, your grandchildren or any little one in your life. Enjoy the magic in story and pictures, and make a small contribution to saving lives in the 
warm heart of Africa.

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