Friday, March 16, 2012

The Illinois Reading Council Conference is a Winner!

Wow.  What a terrific two days this has been. Titled, Literacy in the Land of Lincoln, the conference has been a time filled with ideas, new notions, old and new friends and talk of writing flowing like well aged wine.  Oh, yes.  There was well aged wine, too!

This evening will bring our formal dinner with an entrance by President and Mrs Lincoln.  Our menu is from a state dinner held during President Lincoln's tenure at the White House.  It promises to be lovely.

My presentation was today, and it was a full house--actually, standing room only. My power point, Every Kid Can (Write a Picture Book!) did not let me down, both technically and academically, so I feel great about the outcome.

And so the conference is winding down.  Authors, educators and vendors will soon be on their way home.  I for one, am glad to have attended another year.  I always come away feeling renewed and ready to continue the profession that is right for me--writing books for kids!


  1. Nancy,
    I'm glad your presentation went well. Looks like you were well prepared.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Barbara. It was fun, and things did go very well. I appreciate your kind thoughts!