Friday, July 29, 2011

Bumble-Ardy--New Maurice Sendak Picture Book

Maurice Sendak turned 83 this June, but he's still hard at work. The Caldecott-winning author of classic children’s books such as Where the Wild Things Are has reached an agreement with HarperCollins to publish the first book illustrated and written by Sendak since Outside Over There in 1981.

The new picture book, which began its life as an animated segment for Sesame Street, is Bumble-Ardy. It tells the tale of Bumble, a mischievous pig who has reached the age of nine without ever having had a birthday party.

He takes matters into his own hands and invites all of his friends to a masquerade party that quickly gets out of hand.

“As a child, I felt that books were holy objects to be caressed, rapturously sniffed, and devotedly provided for,” said Sendak in accepting the Hans Christian Andersen Award (for excellence in illustration of children’s books) in Bologna, Italy in 1970. “I gave my life to them. I still do. I continue to do what I did as a child: dream of books, make books, and collect books.” Bumble-Ardy will be published by HarperCollins in September.


  1. Wow! How inspiring, I love it! Great example of what can do at any age. Thanks for posting , Nancy.

    Nicole Weaver
    Trilingual Children's Author

  2. Makes me feel like a Spring Chicken at 72. Thanks for telling us about this, Nancy. I do want to check the new book out.

  3. This is great news, Nancy. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. Thanks for the comments, Ladies. Isn't it fun to see people of this age continuing to be active? What an inspiration!

  5. Seeing a new book by Sendak is thrilling. Hooray for all chronologically gifted authors.