Friday, January 14, 2011

My Writer's Group--Not a Step Without It!

My Writer's/Critique group is very much like eating bread.  I can't do without it, and I don't want to!  I've been a member for four years and realize what a pivotal part they play in the life of my mind.  I don't make a literary move without them.

This is a pretty selfless group of people, and the trust factor is very high.  We work together as a team.  The critiques are fair and to the point.  They always provide those fresh eyes that are so needed after countless hours of toiling over a 600 word manuscript--a jigsaw puzzle in implausibly slow motion. 

Our two co-chairs, Sherry and Anastasia, never fail to support and encourage the group as a whole.  They devised a brilliant plan to keep spirits from flagging.  It was a Share Your Rejection Letters contest and was great fun.  In fact, one of our members who is a much published children's author and whose name would be recognized here, shared several new rejections with the group.  That was a major boost.  "Wow.  It even happens to her!"

A high point came this past spring when five of our company received offers of publication within a week.  It was celebration all around.  No pettiness.  No jealousy.  No ill will.  Just solidarity and support.  A circle of writers, both published and hopeful, working together to make the world a better place, is who I hang our with once a month and communicate with by email constantly.  Am I lucky or what?


  1. That sounds wonderful. It's great to have a group like this.

  2. You are very fortunate to have such a group!

  3. Aw, Nancy! You are too sweet. And we are very fortunate to have YOU! :)

  4. You're so kind, Nancy. It is a tremendous group, and you are, of course, a big part of that.

  5. Oh, Nancy, you are too kind. We love you too!