Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy January!

This cheerful fellow wishes happiness from my house to yours. January is a great month for sharpening our minds, reading great books and setting our computers to tapping. 

What a wonderful time of year to get down to serious business.  The holidays are a memory, and lots of productive reading and writing lies ahead.  

This is a magic month to snuggle up in your favorite chair with or without a cozy fire, and let your mind and heart wander at will. 

I find this time of year to be a clearing house of sorts.  The cobwebs are gone, and nothing but clarity is in view.

This in-between time, before spring even thinks of appearing, I consider a gift.  I embrace it and hope you do, too.

Happy and fulfilling reading and writing!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration and the delightful snowman!

  2. Four year old Leah wishes a fond farewell to her creation, "Snowy" the Snowman, and looks forward to seeing him again after another good snowfall.

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for sharing! Yes, January is a new beginning for me. I always reflect on what I can do to make the new year a productive one. I also think about how thankful I am to be an American citizen and to live in such a wonderful country. Life is simply grand!

    Kind regards,
    Nicole Weaver

  4. I should be getting serious, but right now all I want to do is play. LOL! Keep up the great work, Nancy.

  5. My new resolution is to comment more often on blogs.
    I never have to make a resolution to read. Us Bookaholics always find time for that

  6. If you want to read picture books, dash over to Pen and Ink for 10 first lines from Picture books, or browse the older lines at the end of the post for mid grade books and YA Happy reading

  7. Love the snowman Nancy. January is a month to cozy up, and get some writing /reading done. Warm wishes and happy writing in the new yesr!

  8. Absolutely! A snowy January day is the perfect time to be tucked away in my living snow globe and let my mind reflect on what is next for this New Year. In the hushed stillness my reflections drift through my mind at the pace of gently falling snow. This is a perfect time to recharge before these reflections build into plans that carry me at an ever quickening pace into the year. Enjoy!