Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hashtag is BBC Radio's Word of the Year for Children Writers

Hashtag is the word of the year among children writers, according to a new study from Oxford University Press (OUP).

OUP examined 120,421 short stories by children between the ages of five and 13 that were submitted to the BBC’s 500 Words competition to see which words were most popular. The research found that words like Instagram, Snapchat and emoji are on the rise as words like email, mobile and Facebook are in decline. 
The research also revealed that girls are often writing about princesses and royalty and using words such as “princess,” “charming,” “unicorn” and “majesty.” Boys on the other hand are more often writing about dinosaurs and super heroes using words such as “raptor,” “Jurassic” and “Batcave.”

Pretty predictable stuff here, but fun!  What words would your young person bring to the list?  Why not ask? 

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