Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thank You, Literary Classics International Book Awards!

It is always exciting and fulfilling to win a book award after one's hard work in writing it.  I am truly happy and honored to announce that my children's book, Katrina and Winter:  Partners in Courage, (Guardian Angel Publishing) has been chosen for two awards by the prestigious Children's Classics Awards.

Katrina and Winter won the Literary Classics Seal of Approval, 2013.  The second is s Literary Classics Silver Award.  I am so delighted to accept them both.

What are the Children's Classics Awards?  In their own words: 

At Literary Classics, we believe literature is a critical component in the development of young minds.  Through well-crafted literature we foster creative thinking, enhance word recognition, improve cognitive skills and help achieve a greater understanding of people and the world around us.

At Literary Classics, we provide book reviews for children's and young adult books.  We offer an international book award program, and we endorse exceptional literature through our Literary Classics Seal of Approval. 

On behalf of Katrina Simpkins and Winter, the dolphin, of course, I am pleased to accept these two awards.  It is my hope many of you will read the book.  Katrina and Winter are truly inspirational on their own.  As a team, they are unstoppable!

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