Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lucky's Lick by Mary Esparza-Vela: A Story of Hope

To all children who have been hurt in accidents. 

Never have I begun a book review with the dedication, but I've made an exception this time.  In her dedication, Mary Esparza-Vela author of Lucky's Lick, says it all.

Juanito, a seven year old boy has two new teeth and a desire to explore and have fun in his world.  He has lots of friends and parents who love him.  Juanito is a normal little boy with one exception.  He has been confined to a wheelchair for the past six months. 

While riding his bike, a car struck him, and he suffered a spinal cord injury, one the doctors are not sure will heal.  "Only time will tell if he walks again," the doctors explained to his mom and  dad.  And to Juanito.

While it is not an "everychild" book, enough children are hurt in accidents of all manner across the world, Lucky's Lick is a book aimed to help.  It succeeds.

Ms. Esparza-Vela's book is loaded with sympathy for Juanito, but more importantly, is is brimming over with hope, if not for a recovery then hope that life still has so much to offer.  That kids can overcome and be happy again.  And that maybe reaching outside of themselves, in this case with a new puppy, wonderful things may happen!

I would heartily recommend this hopeful book to children and parents alike.  Life and hope are reflected in the bright colors and busy illustrations by Denis Proulx   They are a perfect foil for the anticipation of a life well lived, no matter the circumstance.

A bit about the author: 

Ms. Esparza-Vela is an award-winning author who lives in Texas with her husband and three sons.  Previously, she worked as an Editorial Assistant in a publications office where her contributions led to monetary awards and selection as Civilian of the Year.  She has written articles for religious publications and has won several online writing contests.  A number of her children's stories were selected for publication by Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

Ms. Esparza-Vela can be found at:


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