Thursday, January 10, 2013

New children's Book Series on American Government

With the presidential inauguration just a couple of weeks away, the intervening time makes a great opportunity to get young people excited about the workings of American government. These new series provide access points that are engaging and informative.

The first series, “I’m an American Citizen” (Powerkids Press), features titles that provide basic information on citizenship. Written for early elementary school children, the text consists of three to five simple sentences per page. Large colorful photographs support the text.

Titles in this series include “The Many People of America” by Joanna Anderson; “Our Country’s Holidays” by Janice Charleston; “Electing Our Leaders” by Earl McGraw; “Let’s Volunteer” by Richard Pickman; “What Are Rules and Laws?” by Ellen Ripley; and “The Songs We Sing: Honoring Our Country” by Harriet Wesolowski.

A Kid's Guide to the Voting Process (Vote America)Another series, “Vote America” (Mitchell Lane Publishers), is geared for third- to fifth-graders. This series focuses on political parties and the voting process. Information covers how the Electoral College works, voter qualifications, election platforms through the years and ideas for youth involvement in politics.

Colorful illustrations complement the concise, accessible text perfectly. Titles include “A Kid’s Guide to the Voting Process” by Tammy Gagne, “A History of the Republican Party” by Jane Amie, “A History of Voting Rights” by Tamra Orr and “A History of the Democratic Party” by Russell Roberts.

I hope you may take a look at some of these books or others that have been published in advance of the new term of the US presidential inauguration and administration.

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