Sunday, January 13, 2013

Namibia: Wordweaver Launches New Publishing House

Wordweaver is a new Namibian Publishing House which was launched in Windhoek the capital, in March, 2012.  The company believes that there is a world-wide audience for their stories.  So do I.  Their book offerings are bright, fresh and original.

Wordweaver PublishingWordweaver Publishing House received two gold awards at the Namibian Children’s Book Forum Awards ceremony, held in October, 2013.  An incredible achievement for the fledgling publishing house, which launched its first titles only ten months ago.  They have added another lovely title with the launch of their book 'Sumbu'.

The  beautifully illustrated story is  based in rural Namibia.  It is a tale of  Sumbu and her family at the time of Namibia's independence as they return from exile. They settle in a village, but not all inhabitants are happy about the new arrivals.  Through this magical story, the village learns the power of togetherness and caring for one another.

Author and illustrator Romeo Senkala says:

Welwitschia's World
Our stories, ancient and new, need to be told in all forms of media. Our stories sustain our identity as a people. We, the creatives, are agents of this heritage.

The book is available at all Wordweaver book stores as well as online at:

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