Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Importance of a Birthday

As I had a birthday this past week, I began to think about the significance of such an event.  After all, that day does occur once a year, whether we like it or not.  So why should we even think about it?
For me, a birthday heralds taking stock of where I am and where I want to go.  Like the New Year you ask?  Yes and no.  Yes, because the new year does cause us to look back and hopefully, to look to the future. And no because a birthday is so much more personal.
 A birthday is in many ways a rebirth.  It is a thankfulness for the time behind us, all those milestones that add up to a life lived to that point. A life well lived or a life lived not quite to the fullest. 

But that birthday holds a promise as well.  A promise to continue striving to do better in all areas of achievement, to continue to grow emotionally and intellectually, to continue to become better acquainted with oneself and those we love.

So, a birthday?  No big deal.  Just another day.  I think not.  It is an opportunity to deal with the very DNA of our lives and hopefully become all the better and stronger for having put in the effort. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Nancy.
    I hope you were able to celebrate with loved ones and enjoy this milestone in your wonderful life. You are an inspiration and a blessing to all of the rest of us GAP angels.

    1. Barbara, your lovely comment gave me chills when I read it. I did have a wonderful birthday, surrounded by good friends and will see the "boys" very soon!

      You are always so kind and encouraging, the exact reason I count you among my valued friends.

      All best wishes to you.

  2. Happy Belated B-day, Nancy. I look on birthdays as a celebration of life, too. Perhaps I could be more philosophical and introspective. I've just been grateful to have another year to spend with loved ones. I try to not let a day pass without a kiss or a hug. It would also be good to spend the "new year" trying to be better and get more done. My bucket list seems to grow each year. Thanks for the inspiration and support you give so freely.