Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keep Readers Interested in Your Non-Fiction Work!

Non-fiction.  The hyphenated word that sends people running from the room or jumping in their cars straight to the fiction section of the bookstore.  It doesn't have to be that way.

Here are some tips for writing interesting, intriguing, edge of your seat non-fiction.  Surprisingly, many of them are the very same ones that make fiction so enjoyable.

Life! Something your character/s have to have.  Write in such a way that the reader relates to the personalities in a nonfiction story.  Your readers must identify with your character/s, or they will not stay with the story.  Be truthful, but make them seem real, well-rounded people.

Suspense!  Use (when possible) in each chapter, just as one does in a work of fiction.  Of course, nonfiction writing must report the facts as they occurred. BUT the best nonfiction writing presents the information in an interesting, fluid and engaging manner, so the reader’s attention stays in the story all the time. 

Surprise!  Use it to keep the reader's attention.  Tell them something they did not expect to hear.  Use it to keep the reader's attention.  once you have that, keep surprising them!

Enjoy writing non-fiction.  It is fun to do and is so rewarding.  Your readers will be surprised at how enjoyable this genre is to read when it's done using these tips!

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