Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Gorilla Doctors Make a Difference in Africa, and We Are All Enhanced

I am fortunate to have visited sub-Sahara Africa many times.  When one spends much time in this amazing place, the plight of animals always comes in focus.  One of the most noble groups in saving animals of Africa is The Gorilla Doctors.  I salute them in this post.

(Please see the video of The Gorilla Doctors in action at bottom of post.)

The Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project's Gorilla Doctors are dedicated to saving the mountain gorilla species one patient at a time. They are the only group providing wild mountain gorillas with direct, hands-on care.

 Research has proven that by intervening to save sick and injured gorillas, the Gorilla Doctors have helped the overall mountain gorilla population to increase. Learn more at

Ndeze and Ndakasi are the two Mountain Gorilla orphans who were transferred from Goma to Senkwekwe at Rumangabo, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  (I blogged about them and a children's book, Ndeze and Ndakasi's New Home, written about them earlier in the month.) 
The are being looked after by the Gorilla Doctors. They will continue their routine health checks to be sure they stay healthy, and to maintain a good relationship with Ndeze and Ndakasi.

The Gorilla Doctor Team
Your generous donation will directly support gorilla monitoring, life-saving medical interventions, and health studies to save the critically endangered gorillas. 


  1. Nancy,
    Thanks for spreading the word about the important work these doctors are doing. I contributed.

  2. Barbara, That is so generous of you and will help in saving these amazing creatures. Thank you for all you do and particularly for this!