Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Farmyard Beat--A Happy Book for the Young Child

Take a look at a lovely picture book for young children, Farmyard Beat,written by Lindsey Craig and illustrated in cut-out collage by Marc Brown.

Farmyard animals are supposed to sleep at night, but no one on this farm wants to go to bed.  They want to catch the beat!  Farmer Sue can't seem to sleep either, so she comes out and joins the dancing.

This is an appealing book, and young children will take to it immediately.  From the “peep-peep” of a yellow chick emerging from its egg on the first page, through the entire cast of  singing farmyard friends, to a heap of animals who finally fell asleep, youngsters will want to sing along!

In fact, everyone will want to sing and dance and sing some more.  A happy book!

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