Saturday, June 4, 2011

And What a Book Nook it Was!

Wow.  What a day it was at Book Nook by the Bay.  Lots of kids, lots of music, lots of sunshine! 
Book Nook at The Pier (St. Petersburg, Florida)

I want to thank Emily Stehle of The Pier Aquarium.  It was a marvelous day, a perfect Saturday. Everyone was out enjoying sea and sun. 

Many thanks to those who bought copies of One Pelican at a Time:  A Story of the Gulf Oil Spill.   It is gratifying to see the interest in Pelican, Britt and Bella.  The book, in hard cover and soft cover, may be purchased in the gift shop at the Aquarium.

Emily has agreed to do a guest post on this blog, so watch for it in the next weeks.  She will tell what exciting things are ahead for the aquarium and its new location at John's Pass, Madeira Beach.

Thanks again, St. Petersburg!

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