Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Interview with As the Pages Turn Blog

We have another interview today at As the Pages Turn.  Britt, Bella, Pelican and I are very happy to be part of this blog today.  We hope you can join us, too!

"Yeah, girls.  I heard there's a lot about us in this interview!  And our esteemed author?  Not so much.  I can't wait to read it!"

"I didn't know you could read, Mr. Pelican."

"Well, Bella, I can't really, but promise not to tell anyone.  I wouldn't want my fans to be disappointed.  Besides, you and Britt can read it to me."

"Yes, of course, we can, Mr. Pelican."

"Aw, Britt.  You're just too nice.  I think we should keep him guessing a little longer."

"Okay, Bella.  I just don't want any pelican drama."

"I promise, girls, or you can have all my fish.  Ur ah eh, one of my fish..."

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