Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Passover Book for Kids by Author of Cam Jansen Series, David A. Adler

David A. Adler, author of the hugely popular early reader "Cam Jansen" series, offers "The Story of Passover."  (Holiday House Publisher)  Adler is highly acclaimed for his straightforward narrative style in non-fiction books, including dozens on Jewish holidays, reports Penny Schwartz.

He says he likes to appeal to readers of any Jewish background, whether from traditional, observant Jewish families or those who are interested in learning about Passover.

I like my books to be open and acceptable to all.

Passover, which this year begins on the evening of April 14, provides an endless source of inspiration for writers of children's books. Among the dozens that line library shelves, some recount the Biblical Exodus, others retell Jewish folktales or tales of Elijah the Prophet, who figures so prominently in the seder.

The story that is retold at the Passover seder begins 3,000 years ago in the biblical days of Jacob as he settles in Egypt. Readers learn how the Israelites become slaves and follow Moses as he is raised by Pharaoh's daughter in the palace and later as he leads the Israelites out of Egypt.

Jill Weber's detailed illustrations evoke the color palette and landscape of ancient Egypt . She gently conveys the suffering of the Egyptians through the plagues and the triumph of the Israelites in a fantasy-like drawing as they cross the Red Sea into freedom.

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