Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Goodnight iPad, A Parody of the Children’s Book Goodnight Moon

Goodnight iPad is a new book by children’s author David Milgrim under the pseudonym “Ann Droyd." It’s a parody of the classic bedtime children’s book Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.  Wise's book was first published in 1947.

(Be sure to view the You Tube video of the book at the bottom of this post.)

Milgrim’s updated story shows a very different homelife 50 years later, with mobile devices, social networks, and non-stop streaming media. Even the cat has headphones on.

The world of technology is morphing so quickly even technology cannot keep up!  It is refreshing to have fun with this fast paced part of modern life.

In a strange way, the video is a bit comforting as well.  In the midst of all the change and sometimes impersonal delivery of technology, comes a voice dripping with warmth, comfort and familiarity to a child's nighttime routine. 

Have fun with it!


  1. It would be absolute astute of you to become a analysis accountable for the new iPad and be the aboriginal beatnik on the block to own one.


  2. OMG this book is hysterical. i'll have to look for it. :) Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


  3. Thanks for the comments. I agree. It's so clever and glad you like it!