Sunday, December 5, 2010

Green is More Than a Christmas Color!

With festivities of the holiday season in full swing now, I want to remember that green is not just a Christmas color but a way of life.  I find it so easy to revert back to wasteful ways, indulging in mega-packaging of gifts, using wrapping paper topped off with lots of ornamentation and simply buying too many unnecessary things. 

I've always loved the holidays and its myriad of trappings.  But now I find myself in a new paradigm of being  torn between comforting consumption and the knowledge that so much of it is not good for our planet.  How do we find a balance? 

Education and leading by example is, I think, much of the answer.  If we can model the value of even a bit more conservation for the younger generations, we may be on to something. 

Take a look at a good blog with great green ideas.  It's called The Little Green Pen and is written by Michelle Schaub.  Here is the link:

Maybe we can all give our fragile planet a great holiday gift by consuming less and reusing more.  Now wouldn't that be the best present of all!

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