Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review of "A Sandy Grave" by Donna McDine

Today it is my great pleasure and honor to have author Donna McDine visit the blog once again.  I have known Donna for quite a few years and am delighted to host her and her new book from Guardian Angel Publishing, A Sandy Grave.

N.S. You’ve hand a prolific writing career so far.  What paths did you take to reach this artistic point?

D.M. At the beginning stages of my writing career I expanded my education beyond what I had attended college for (Business Administration) through the Institute of Children’s Literature writing for children and teenagers. After “picking the brains” of established writers I then joined a writer’s critique group and began attending writer’s conferences. Both are imperative in honing my writing skills on an ongoing basis. My critique group is online and we live in various parts of the country, we’ve been together now going on five years. Yes, ladies five years…can you believe it! I also was involved in an in-person group at my local library, but unfortunately it has disbanded.

Donna McDine
N.S. I fell in love with your new book A Sandy Grave, the minute I read it.  Where did the idea come from, which is what all authors want to know.

D.M. Nancy, thank you so much. It warms my heart that you enjoyed A Sandy Grave so much! While reading the newspaper I came across a story about a dead washed up whale on a California beach and what the authorities had to do to protect the whale before being able to bury it.

N.S. You have written several books that speak to the greater good of humanity.  Is that theme a part of you?  And if it is, how did it develop?

D.M. At first I did not pay attention to this particular theme, but the more I read and hear about horrific occurrences writing about the greater good of humanity ends up becoming part of most of my manuscripts. For instance, one of my non-fiction articles that I just submitted for consideration is about the good youngsters are doing right in my own community to help special needs children. Often times, the newspaper and broadcast news are filled with the negatives of the world and to share specific examples of “good neighbor” behavior warms my soul.

N.S. Where will your next book take you—and your readers? 

D.M. I’ve been working on a middle grade manuscript off and on for several years now and my critique group has encouraged me to dust it off and get it into tip top shape for submission to agents and publishing houses. It’s a historical fiction manuscript that includes history of the historical hamlet, Tappan, New York that I’ve resided in for the last 16 years.

N.S. How can readers learn more about you and your accomplishments?

D.M. Those interested can visit me at, or drop me an email at

By the way, Donna is running a contest during her tour for a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card. Readers may enter at:

Thank you Nancy for hosting me during my Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Tour!

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